Long Life the 32th Anniversary of Protracted People’s War in Peru!



Organization of The Workers of Afghanistan (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, principally Maoist) salutes the glorious communist party of Peru in this occasion of the 32th anniversary of the PPW in Peru. May 17, is a symbol of bannering, upholding, defending and applying Maoism internationally. Glory to Chairman Gonzalo, the great leadership of PCP and all revolutionary masses of Peru who initiated the peoples’ war. World proletariat internationally celebrates this historical day, waging more people’s war until communism! May 17, is a symbol of rejecting parliamentary cretinism. It is a symbol of international will of proletariat in order to fight for the sake of world proletarian revolution by waging revolutionary armed struggle, and by establishing new power and building new state. Today, in this day of Avakianist revisionism, in this day of Prachanda path revisionist betrayals, it worths to announce that: Armed revisionism, wether in Peru, under banner of LOLs, or in India, has nothing to offer for world proletariat! Only a correct line, based in Maoism, can lead to building the new state. So, It is time to announce: No to Armed Revisionists of LOL internationally! In this time of imperialist backed “peace accords”, “ Truces”, and derailing revisionist lines, only Maoism and only Maoists are those who uphold, defend and apply Maoism fighting revisionism, dogma revisionism and centrism! LOL and ROL are imperialist generated scenarios who are in service of betraying the revolution. So, It is right to rebel, and it is right to banner Maoism and smash revisionism, centrism, dogma-revisionism and other deviationist opportunist linings! Today, opportunist trends and linings whom are and have been influenced by RIM’s avakianist  line, still resist to accept Maoism: They still deny militarization of the communist party. They still deny the need for a militarized communist party for each country that be based on Maoism, A party that be able to wage people’s war. They still refuse reconstitution of the communist party. They still reject concentric constructions of the three magic instruments of the people! They still fail to understand and accept the thesis of “people’s war until communism!” They still fail to understand what Maoism is, and what can be a people’s war. They still fail to understand the proletarian concept of Great Leadership. They still fail to know the importance of “thought” being generated during people’s war, being the creative application of Maoism in each country. They still fail to understand the principality of Maoism. So, they still are not able to accept that: Today, being a communist means being a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, principally Maoist! They still fail to understand that: Gonzalo Thought is the creative application of Maoism in Peru. They still equalize Prachanda Path with Gonzalo thought, reasoning both as revisionism and anti Maoism! Maoists all know that Gonalo Thought is nothing than Maoism being applied in Peru’s revolution. But, Maoists too know that: Prachanda path never was, and never is Maoist, and never presents application of Maoism in Nepal. So, those who compare Gonzalo thought with Prachanda path in favor of rejecting Gonzalo thought indeed are rejecting Maoism, and so, they cannot be Maoists, but revisionists and traitors! Only renegades like Avakian, prachanda and Quisp can argue Maoism without building new power, Maoism without revolutionary people’s war led by Communist party of a new type, of a militarized communist party. So, in this day of revisionist prevailing lines, let us side PCP, banner Maoism and smashing revisionism! We sure are that: the prevailing victory of revisionists and the dissolution of RIM is a transient phase. Maoism will soon triumph, smashing and eliminating all revisionist linings! We sure are that: World proletariat, by waging more people’s wars, will smash the rotten “New Synthesis” of Avakian, in Practice, and consequently in Theory. We sure are that: Renegade prachanda will be smashed by more people’s war in Nepal and internationally. We sure are that: Chairman Gonzalo, as was the greatest living Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, still is the greatest living Marxist-Leninist-Maoist in the Globe. We reaffirm ourselves in chairman Gonzalo, and in Maoism. We celebrate the validity of Gonzalo Thought, and we affirm ourselves in Chairman Gonzalo’s all-powerful thought, unconditionally.

We believe that: world proletarian revolution is in strategic offensive. Let revisionists and paper “Maoists” deny and ignore this. We reaffirm ourselves in international proletarian line of undividable glorious communist party of Peru, as a red fraction. We side them and reaffirm ourselves in Maoism. We confirm the following passage by Peru People’s Movement which has been Publish in May 1, 2012:


 One of the main instruments of this counterrevolutionary offensive is revisionism, i.e. bourgeois ideology masked as Marxism, and the agents of the bourgeoisie inside the proletarian movement. While the whole old revisionism continues to fulfill its reactionary task, with bourgeois “communist” or “leftist” parties that from their posts in the states and parliaments of the bourgeoisie repress the proletariat and the peoples, imperialism is now facing the problem of Maoism, i.e. Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism, the universal ideology of the international proletariat, the Marxism of today, forged in the struggle to the death against revisionism and with all the rich experience of our class. That is, the reactionary task of annihilating the proletarian leadership of the revolution, in today’s world means to annihilate Maoism, and one of the ways of doing so is to revise it, distort it or turn it into a dead dogma, without concrete application. They have all kinds of revisionists, sellouts of the working class, capitulators and traffickers at their service to present a tamed “maoism”, adjusted to the needs of imperialism, and to attack the principles of our class. This is the role of new revisionism with its “new synthesis”, “Prachanda path” etc., its negation of the principle of Great leaders and Great Leadership of the revolution and its other revisions of Maoism, it is the role of the revisionist and capitulationist ROL [right opportunist line] and the role of the LOL [“left” opportunist line] with its armed revisionism. What these so-called Maoists have in common with all the old revisionists like Trotsky, Chrusjtjov or Teng, is precisely that they attack the Great Leaderships (with the argument of the so-called “personality cult”), that they deny the necessity of applying Maoism to the concrete conditions of each country, that they insist on the possibility of “pacific transition”, “peace accords” and oppose the destruction of the old state and the construction of the new state. Here we see the reason why imperialism and reaction have made such great efforts to discredit and isolate the Communist Party of Peru, its Great Leadership Chairman Gonzalo and the people’s war in Peru: because of the undeniable international importance and influence of Chairman Gonzalo, our Party and the heroic proletariat and people of Peru, and because it is precisely our Party that continues to insist on the struggle to the death against revisionism and on the defense and application of Maoism.(The italization is ours)


Organization of the workers of Afghanistan, declares and reaffirms itself in Marxism-Leninism-Maoism,principally Maoism, affirming Gonzalo Thought as creative application of Maoism in Peruvian society. We side our Peruvian Comrades, and announce our solidarity with the revolution and people’s war in Peru. Neither imperialism nor lackeys of imperialism are able to create isolation for PCP and the people’s war in Peru. The oppressed masses of Afghanistan are in side of revolution and oppose imperialism! Our country has been a victim of US-co invasion for a decade, and our people is fighting imperialism,hegemonism and world reaction. We sure are that: our people is not alone. All revolutionary masses of the world, including Peruvian oppressed masses, are in our side. So, we once again stand for solidarity of the peoples of the world in their just struggle against imperialism, feudalism, and bureaucrat capital. We are for proletarian internationalism! And we celebrate the 32th anniversary of the initiation of the people’s war in Peru. We are fighting for initiation of People’s war in Afghanistan. We believe that: only PPW in all countries, can lead to emancipation of the masses, and can lead us to socialism and communism. So, we are for the people’s war. We are for people’s war, so, we reaffirm ourselves in Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism.  Power is principal in Maoism, the power for the masses, power for proletariat! So, we fight for establishing new power, and building new state: New Democracy in Afghanistan! We announce our solidarity with our Peruvian comrades in their just war, for establishing new democracy in Peru!


                                                         Glory to Communist Party of Peru!

                                                       Long Life Chairman Gonzalo and his all-powerful Thought!

                                                    World proletariat celebrates 32 anniversary of PPW in Peru!

                                                           Long life Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism!

                                                      Down with Imperialism and Revisionism!

                                                      People’s War until Communism!


Organization of the Workers of Afghanistan (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, principally Maoist)


May 17, 2012

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