Let us celebrate the 141th Anniversary of Paris Commune Revolution by Waging More People’s wars!

Overcome the Bend!  Golden Communism is yours!



International proletariat and the oppressed masses of the world, glorify the 141th ANNIVERSARY OF PARIS COMMUNE. In 18th March 1817, the French Working class broke the chains of capitalist exploiters from their hands, for the first time in the world history. That Momentum is the beginning of the proletarian revolutions. Commune of Paris, as a vanguard society of the working class power, paved the way to the New Era, the Era of World Proletarian Revolutions! Commune was the precursor to Great October Revolution of 1917 in Russia. It was a confirmation of scientific socialism in practice. So, study of this great world historic momentum, enriches the combatant experience of world proletariat. However defeated by brutal bourgeoisies of allied German and French, commune was and showed the future society. It drew the line of emancipation of the working class. As all know, scientific socialism rises from French socialists; too the first practice of a socialist model came from France. This was the reason why the founders of scientific socialism admired French radicalism and pointed out her vanguard role in world politics. Indeed, the Great French Revolution, shook the world, and paved the way for democracy, promotions and liberty to the world. It tore in to pieces the feudal rotten system. We still remember the vanguard role of French working class in 1993 revolt. It was also a special momentum: The momentum of so called “end of history” of bourgeois tribunes, and the momentum of so called “death of Communism”. The revolt of French working class in 1993 showed that: It was revisionism which collapsed in former USSR, and in East Block. The present and future is only belonged to the working class and proletarian power! So, the true momentum was that of the REVOLT’s!




Today, we must not simply celebrate the memory of Paris commune. We must celebrate it like the way which the revolutionary communards celebrated the class struggle: The way which the communards upheld and defended the revolution. It means that: the true celebration of Paris commune comes from waging more people’s war. Paris commune was the beginning. The arrest of Chairman Gonzalo, at the context of strategic offensive of world proletarian revolution, was a bend in the road, and the working class and the communists of the world should overcome this bend by waging more people’s wars.

We are going towards golden communism. So we feel no tired and no stop. Continuing the previous class struggles, we aim to bring about true peoples wars to overcome the bend, and to reach the final goal of Communism!


Long life the eternal Memory of Paris Commune

Let us celebrate the Paris Commune 141th Anniversary by waging more people’s wars

People’s war until communism

Organization of the workers of Afghanistan (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, principally Maoist)

March 18, 2012

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