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Dear MRO-PCR comrades,


We hope you are all fine and all struggling against our class enemies in Canada.

we sure are about your communist sincerely intentions, other wise you would not intend publishing documents of a revolutionary organization from an oppressed country(Afghanistan)

we are writing to you from Afghanistan, a country which has been invaded by US-imperialism and her co. The imperialists and other expansionist lackeys have gathered and invaded our country. they have destroyed every thing. they have brought a “puppet” regime claiming to create a “democracy” for Afghanistan. All know that: Karzai Regime is a fake and corrupt regime and a puppet of US lead invaders. So, all revolutionary forces in the world must take firm positions against invaders and must defend the oppressed peoples of Afgansitan. the invaders have smashed the democratic movement of the people of Afghansitan. They are backing Talibans and have kept this reactionary force of corrupt Islamists alive. So, the imperialists are using two sword : the sword of puppet regime, and the sword of Taliban ( The so called resistance against invaders)

the imperialists are using these two swords to kill our people. they have robbed and smashed our independence and have broken down our national unity using traitors of Jehadi (Islamic extremists).

To day, the only patriot and democratic force in Afghansitan are those revolutionaries whom do not surrender to Puppet Regime and do not back Taliban. These revolutionaries have come from Maoist ranks whom are fighting for New Democracy and Communist future.

We are writing to you from inside Afghanistan. You imagine:

more than one hundred fourthy housand forces of imperialism-co have invaded our country. The Jehadi and Taliban are also shouldering them. So, you can guess how dangers revoltionary forces face. For real revolutionaries whom are mainly inside afghanistan, this is a struggle of Life and deadth. We have chosen to be murdered for our country. We have chosen to be martyred in defense of our country. We want independence. But, as communists, we are not only fighting for mere independence. We are fighting to establish New Power. We want power for People. We fight for Mass Democracy. We oppose liberal scenarios. Too we reject all anti Maoist scenarios. We believe that: Only Maoism is the key to establish new power and new state: The New Democratic Republic of Afghanistan. Because, only New Democracy creates the basis for a socialist transformation.

our organization ( Organization of The workers of Afghansitan,Marxist-Leninist-Maoist,principally Maoist) is the vanguard of proletariat and other oppressed masses of our country. We are fighting for communism. We are maoists and we uphold, defend and apply Maoism. To be a maoist, makes it necessary to fight for applying Maoism. The key to how to apply Maoism is: to find the way how to apply the universality Of Marxism-Leninism-Maoim in concrete conditioin of Afghansitan. This is a Marxist Thesis. No one can reject it except revisioinists. According to chairman Mao Tse Tung ( The first discoverer of concept of “thought” in developing Marxism-Leninism), the revolutions need their concrete way to be achieved, and this gives rise to a “thought”, a “thought” which makes the universal Ideology applicablity. Chairman Gonzalo, is the second one whom talked about “thought”,by rediscovering this revolutionary thesis. Communist party of Peru, PBSP (Maoist Unity Group of Banglaldesh), Maoist Communist party of Manipur, our organization and  some other revolutionary Maoist organizations reaffirm themselves in Maoism. So, we reaffirm oursevles in Mao’s and chairman Gonzalo’s concept of “thought”. this is Maoism. Those claiming to be Maoist ( Like Communist”Maoist” party of Afghanistan), but are neglecting and refusing “thought” , are indeed opposing Maoism. The so called party, nakedly and apparently announces that: To talk about guiding “thought” is anti Marxist and revisionism!

So, our organization disagrees with that organization and refuses its centrist revisionist polemics, the polemics which are following Avakinist line. We do not merely call them Avakianists just for their attendance in RIM. PCP also was a member of RIM, but was not an Avakianist. We call this Afghani Party as Avakianist because it tails Bob Avakian in rejecting basic Maoist concepts like: Guiding thought, Militarized communist parties, The idea of Great Leadership, Peoples’ war until communism, Concentric construction of three magic tools of revoltion and…

Our organization proudly announces upholding chairman Gonzalo’s Maoist achievements. So, those whom set conspiracies, and are opposing and “rejecting” us, indeed are opposing Chairman Gonzalo and his all-powerful thought. So, here raises the matter of Line! It is a hard two lines struggle internationally. As PCP had already mentioned that it fights for Maoism as a red fraction, our organization is also a red fraction that fights for Maoism domestically and internationally. We are comradely united with all Maoist organizations, and especially with PCP, but we are not tied or bound to any organization internationally. Because, we think that: all Maoist organizations should have their own independence. This does not reject the idea of a communist International. Indeed we are fighting for that aim. We fight for a communist international.

We have never condemned any domestic or “foreign” proletarian organization with no principled reason. We have always criticized other organizations by Maoist knowledge. We have never pardoned deviations from Maoism. We believe in: Unify-Struggle-Unity. We strongly reaffirm ourselves in criticism and self-criticism. We have proven this when we self-criticized our past “Mao Tse Tung Thought” polemics. Afer Admitting Maoism, we self-criticized and rejected any doubt on Maoism as a Higher stage and the Newest in Marxism, as  : Marxism-Leninism-Maoism.

 For those whom reject the principality of Maoism, we have always mentioned that: Maoism is the higher and the newest development in Marxism, so it is principal. Those who do not accept this, are not worth to be called Maoists, and would not have the right to claim Maoism. So, the question of being principally Maoist is not a “Dogma”, a “Mystery” or a “revision” to Marxism. Let us study chairman Gonzalo’s works, and then we will be sure that: those whom are against principality of Maoism, are revisionists. So, again we announce that: we affirm our selves in Marxism-Leninism-Maoism principally Maoism.

The “comrades” of: have uncomradely started a (counter-campaign) against principality of Maoism. They, as liar revisionists, in one side, are lying while

“Admiring” Gonzalo, but in other side, they oppose his formulation of principality of Maoism. We friendly answered them in their weblog’s “comments”. But, instead, they continued sabotaging us. At least, one more weblog similar to their line, also shouldered them. The moderator of the second blog claimed to be a friend of the moderator of the first blog, and so, shouldered him!

Otherwise, there was no basic and principled argument in his defense. The second blog called us: principally unprincipled Maoists.

that was a mere repetition of the so called accusation of revisionists whom had called chairman Gonzalo and his Maoist achievements as “Dogmatism “and” Sectarianism”. The “new” thing in both weblog is that: they both accuse us of sectarianism! The same accusation!

Let us see their basic “arguments”

They claim that we are only an online organization!

They say that we are Online Maoism, and are A Farce!

For their reply, we answered them according to principals, but they were not those whom be convinced. In our official website,, we also posted their views and our reply, and we added that: their “critics” are as childish as do not worth continuing to answer any more, because they were no ready to have a communist discussion. They did not reply to our last comment in their weblog (the first weblog). But, something that made us surprised was: the diehard support of them from Communist “Maoist” party of Afghanistan. At first, we took it easy, but while facing more insist from them, we considered it a “hidden’” game! Especially, we elicited their “unity” , and also the “connection” of Communist (Maoist) party of Afghanistan with Revolutionary Communist party of Canada. Because, we posted some of our documents to the last one, but they did not publish it. It does not matter. But, when we saw the sabotage of the “JMP”‘s null-and-void in your website, we considered it a serious, and we have to take firm decision to uncover their revisionist and rivalry to Maoism arguments.  Our organization has been fighting for six years, since its establishment for communism. We are completely based in Afghanistan. A few of our cadres are in foreign countries, and they are not from high ranks. So, the argument that: organization of the workers of Afghanistan be an “out of Afghanistan” organization is a farce! Rather, as much as we know, about more almost all the cadres and a great majority of the members of Communist party of Afghanistan are living abroad! But, still we have not claimed this point as a basic one to condemn that party. Because, for our organization, line is important and basic. We give principality to a correct line. We also confirm that: the number of members is also important, but we prefer a correct lined small revolutionary organization to a big but revisionist organization that consists of many members. The “bloggers” whom had attacked us, had condemned of being an organization located abroad and with no connection with masses of Afghanistan! For their hard defense of Communist (Maoist) party of Afghanistan, in reply, we say that: all leftists and communists inside Afghanistan are aware that: That so called Maoist party is mainly an out of Afghanistan party! in recent two years, it has tried to find a solution to be afghanified!

We are very sorry to “attack” an organization. We have never done this. But, when the matter is of a correct line, then we do “attack”. but, unprincipled “bloggers” still have not the moral to : first find out who we are, and then attack our organization.

Our organization welcomes all attacks! But, we say: please find material ground for your attacks, and please do not rely on mere saboageous slangs!

About number of members: We have always said that: still have not the number as to create the all country communist Maoist party, and we still are smaller in number. But this does not have to create an accusation for “bloggers” o attack us. But, this is “A Farce” that they tail this and attack us; however they still have not read our documents and know nothing about our number.

Additionally, we have read Communist “Maoist “party of Afghanistan’s document that has answered to some critics whom had “attacked” her for few members having. This Party also insisted on correctness of line rather than number of members. We accept and support such answer. But, we also ask from Mr.JMP to at least, if not ready to read our documents, ready his supportee’s documents confessing being smaller in number. We are smaller in number but have not claimed to be a Party, but the so called Communist (Maoist) party of Afghanistan, despite being smaller in number, claims to be the only Communist party! However it still lacks the prerequisites to be.

We have a critic, and that is: If falsely, communist Maoist party of Afghanistan, claims to be the major Maoist organization in Afghanistan, why the other “especially” the non-Afghani “Maoists” like JMP are so eager to accept and repeat such claims? Is not there any matter of interest for such accepters? Is not there any “hidden’” knob?

Our organization has directly faces and bearded troubles in her struggle for New Democratic revolution in Afghanistan, because, we are a “physical” phenomenon, and not an Online Maoists! As claimed by “bloggers”. Our online postings are only those whom are to be shared with other revolutionaries, and also to share it with our comrades whom have no direct access to our documents easily due to repressive conditions for revolutionary Maoist work. Our official website has been live for six years! So, for JMP’s attention, we say, that we are not so much “New” or “recently created” or online one. We are at least some months older than our internet official website! We are the masses! This is not a boasting! It is for reply of “bloggers” whom call us “cut with masses”! Their supported Party is cut from the masses, because, they are abroad and are mainly in Yankee world. We have grown out of the context of Afghanistan reality, have recruited members from among the masses, from the most aware stratum of them, and we consist of both young and old revolutionaries.

We also oppose to “bloggers’ guess, are not a “branch” or extorted party of Communist (Maoist) party of Afghanistan. Still communist (Maoist) party of Afghanistan, like her supporters know nothing about our core! But, the news is that: we are introduced to the masses, and we are familiar to them, because, as chairman Gonzalo nicely says,: we are the sons and daughters of the toiled masses.

At end, we apologize if we have been forced to have “attacks” to any individual or organization. It we did such in this “article”, we have only done for the sake of principles, and for the sake of Maoist purity. we cannot tolerate revisionist conspiracies and opportunist backbites and sabotages and more, especially from those of virtually ”online Maoists”, those who, instead of working for igniting the fire of peoples’ were, are “committed” to be the Attaché from some definite organization’s die hard defense for null-and void.

Dear Comrades,

We are happy that you say that you have no dependence to revolutionary communist party because, that party if had an internationalist line, would have to at least send us a “rejection email”. We had welcomed them in our mail, but they did not at least send us a “rejection point”. Nor they were those of being critic to our positions. Rather, studying their documents recently, revealed for us that: they still have parliamentary and “Election” illusions and they still are not for universal people war.

Dear Comrades,

Once again thanks for publishing our documents, the documents for your class brothers and sisters, the documents of a revolutionary Maoist organization whom is fighting for communism and is opposing imperialist invasion and repression.

Dear Comrades;’

You can find some of our documents in our English website, which has lately been created, and has been created for international access of our class brothers and sisters

Our old and still living website, which contains more documents in our native language, is:

Our email contact is:

Also, thanks from your communist and wise reply to JMP. Your reply really was principled and correct.

Sorry for bothering you.

We had to write this post, for the sake of defending the “truth” and opposing the conspiracy and sabotage.

Note: If you were interested, we will send you some information about the real “face” and essence of the so called communist “Maoist party “of Afghanistan, A party which falsely calls itself a “party” and the major Maoist organization in Afghanistan.

                             Maoist Salutes

                      Organization of The workers of Afghanistan

                           Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, principally Maoist

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