our organization produced a document in Ferbruary 15, 2013, titled:




The document was pulished in our website and also in other fraternal Maoist websites. The document declared opposition to the so called “people’s revolt” and rejected Mohan Baidya’s revsionist line of the “new” Party.


we were right! Kiran’s revsionist party and Prachanda’s so called “unified Maoist” one, are willing to start a unification process.

neither Mohan Baidya was able to conduct the so called “people’s revolt”, nor the Prachanda was able to share the cake of “power” with out his revisionist ex-”comrades”. So, the revisionists synthesized a unification of revsionist forces!


we had already said that:

Kiran-co and their newly formed party, is a necessity for “Maoist” bourgeoisie which is fighting for a multi-party system in twenty first century!


ICM must put serious steps combating the twins revisionism: UCPN(M)+CPN(M)

the revsionist parties have begun the unification process of their black forces. the formal negotiations are over, and now they are on the road to begin the negotiations in an organized manner.


kiran and co split from “mother” revsionist party and formed their “own” revisionist party in June, 2012. Before split, they called themselves “red fraction” inside the party who was “supposed” to fight for Maoism. But, this was only the smoke screen for careerist stand, and there was no room for Maoism in their Account. they were as much revsionist as Prachanists were. Kiran and co, at their “new” party congress, rejected people’s war, and instead invented the term “people’s urban revolt”. they had no thing to offer to the masses. their inability provided the space for more splits. (at least two official ones). The splits aslo were generated by so called “red fraction” claims! studying the official and produced literature of the split factions, also shows that they have nothing to say, and have no Maoist basis. So, it is revsionism who stagnates and splits more and more. Maoism teaches us to struggle through ideology , not through a “red fraction”. The so called “red fraction” is no thing but a revisionist trick of apologists of class treachery. This was proven in Nepal, and is still repeating itself in that country.

Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist is now unifying with renegade Prachanda. It was renegade Prachanda who denounced theIndian Maoist attack on the reactionary death squad Salwa Judum, in a message embracing the Indian bourgeoisie with condolences at their loss of their death squad architects. The blood of the adivasi and Maoist victims of Salwa Judum, on the hands of Sonia Gandhi, is now on Prachanda’s hands as well.

Mohan Baidya has annouced that they have taken the initiative of calling both parties onto unify! After Mohan Baidya’s split, Prachanda has not gone even a step towards revolution. He has been further sunk in revisionism and national subjugation to world imperialism and Indian expansionism. So, unification of CPNM with Prachanda’s party only means further reinforcement of national subjugation and a” unified” revisionism.

Organization of the workers of Afghanistan (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, principally Maoist, once again reaffirms itself in Marxism-Leninism-Maoism,principally Maoism and rejects the revisionism of Prachanda-Kiran. We once again reaffirm ourselves in People’s war in all countries, and continuing the People’s war until Communsim!


March 16, 2015

Organization of the Workers of Afghanistan (MLMpM)

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