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In the famous painting “The School of Athens” by the Renaissance painter Raphael, we can see Plato and Aristotle as the central figures: Plato points his index finger to the heavens, calling to see beyond matter, whereas Aristotle points down to earth with his hand. Five hundred years afterwards, we can see that we have Read More →

NO BULLSHIT REFORMS IN SPAIN! REVOLUTION IS THE ONLY SOLUTION! May 12, 2012 Organization of the Workers of Afghanistan(M-L-M) salutes the progressive gathering of tens of thousands  of the people of the spain in memory of last year’s Indignation Movement “or as is some times called: May Movement”  helding its first  Anniversary,  and calls Read More →







We condemn the “new” Hoax of”Letter of Chairman Gonzalo to Nepali Maoists to follow the path of peace and constitution”

The Nepali Times website quoted from other reactionary Nepali sources that: chairman Gonzalo has sent a letter to Nepali Maoists to follow the path of peace and constitution. The Nepali Times website writes:

                        Abimael Guzman aka ‘Comrade Gonzalo’, founder chairman of Peru’s Maoist Shining Path movement sent a message to Nepali Maoists from jail in Lima requesting them to follow the path of peace and constitution. Gonzalo also stressed that a people’s democracy can only be achieved through peaceful means and not through violence. Gonzalo is currently serving a life sentence since he was captured in 1992 and was an inspiration for Nepal’s Maoist leaders. The Shining Path insurgency cost the lives of 70,000 Peruvians in the 1980s. Gonzalo’s letter has reportedly become a topic of intense debate within the Maoist Central Committee. Supporters of the Bhattarai and Dahal factions are using Gonzalo to condemn the Mohan Baidya faction and other hardliners in the party who are in favor of armed struggle.

The Nepali Times and other reactionary sources are spreading this lie in order to break the will of fighting Maoists. Revisionists of UCPN (M) headed by Prachanda have betrayed the revolution since 2006. They have accepted and followed the path of parliamentarianism and have gone beyond dissolving peoples’ liberation army and are willing to totally eliminate all achievements of 10 years of Peoples war of Nepali Masses. The hoax of so called imaginary letter has been created by Nepali and international reaction to create a “support” for traitors of UCPN (M) in order to disarm the remnants of Maoist resistant forces in lower ranks of that revisionist party. The reaction wants to “use” the authority of Chairman Gonzalo in creating such a lie. The “Lie Project” of Right Opportunist Liners of PCP which were arguing that chairman Gonzalo was willing to end the peoples war in Peru is an old tale and has been uncovered. No revolutionary is deceived by such hoax. We remember the hoax and lie about chairman Gonzalo, “the Letters”, the “video”, the “book” and such bullshits which they related to chairman Gonzalo that all meant to create illusions and serve for an end of Peoples’ war in  Peru. We all know that, none of those were by chairman Gonzalo or related to him. They were all a farce! So, this “New” hoax, the “letter to Nepali Maoists” hoax is also not a new one. It is a continuation of FBI and intelligentsia generated patterns. Neither chairman Gonzalo has written such a letter, and nor any Maoist is so stupid to accept such a bullshit hoax. No Maoist is silly to believe in such lies. If Chairman Gonzalo was a capitulator and was willing to call for a “peace” or “constitution “way, then it was easy for reaction to bring him in a Live TV or Media Program to have a proclamation. This was not the case since 1992! Never the reactionary will be able to break the will and resistance of Chairman Gonzalo. So, the reaction and rats of LOL and ROL seek to create hoaxes in “absence” of chairman Gonzalo. They want to take advantage from his “absence”. But, this “absence” is clearly understood by Maoists all over the world. Chairman Gonzalo has not been allowed to have a proclamation since his historic “Speech from a cage”. So, no hoax and no lie are able to succeed creating illusions and bullshits in order to break the will of revolutionary Maoists of Nepal and the World. In Nepal, however the revisionists are in command, but the seeds of revolution are still present, and are trying to combat revisionism. Revolutionary forces of the world also condemn the “silence” of Communist party of India (Maoist) on UCPN (M) and its prevailing revisionist stands. Communist party of India (M), however posing itself as revolutionary and anti-revisionist, still has not denounced the revisionists of Nepal in a principled way.

It is the task of all revolutionary and Maoists of the world to denounce the “New” hoax of “Letter of Chairman Gonzalo to Nepali Maoists”. We have to uncover such lies. We hate, stamp and crash such bullshit hoax and lies, by upholding Maoism and defending chairman Gonzalo’s shining path of Peoples’ war until communism!

Down with “New” Hoax of “Letter to Nepali Maoists”

Long Life chairman Gonzalo and his all-powerful Thought

Down with ROL and its miserable rats

Down with LOL, Victor Quispe and other miserable rats of imperialism and the reaction

Long life Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism

Organization of the Workers of Afghanistan (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, principally Maoist)