CELEBRATE THE 22TH ANNIVERSARY OF CHAIRMAN GONZALO’S MASTERFUL SPEECH!   Organization of the workers of Afghanistan (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, principally Maoist) hails the 22th anniversary of Chairman Gonzalo’s Masterful Speech that shines powerfully and victoriously before the world, paving the road to world proletarian revolution.   Chairman Gonzalo’s Masterful Speech is a combat weapon which enables us Read More →

AJITH’S COSMOPOLITANISM VERSUS MAOISM!   The merger of Communist Party of India (Maoist) and Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) Naxalbari on the First of May, 2014 is important news. Does this merger strengthen the PPW in India? Or it conversely weakens it? This is the question to answer! Officially some Maoist parties have announced their positions in Read More →

  Organization of the workers of Afghanistan’s :   Greeting Message to International Conference in Madrid Spain October 19, 2013     Glory to the International Conference, and Let us celebrate the Anniversaries of Great October and Chinese Revolutions! May the International Conference in Madrid Spain on October 19, 2013 pave the way for successful Read More →